You walked out of the streetlights, down to the desert’s glare.
You’d had enough of the streetfights; the gangs were everywhere,
So you left your job, you left your girl, you cut your family ties..
But when you got down to the border, boy, you couldn’t believe your eyes.

All your schemes went flying, trying to find a door;
All your dreams were dying, on the desert floor.
Beyond the wall I hear you crying, roaring long and loud
Like a thundercloud… like a thundercloud!

On the count of twenty you’d set your sights so high.
In the land of plenty the music had caught your eye.
So you hitched on out with your guitar, your backpack and a dream.
But times are hard… the border guard was nowhere to be seen.

You’d heard about a haven, a home for the brave and free,
A land of many nations, a land of opportunity.
You’re lucky to be living… there were shootings, there were brawls.
But nothing you can do, nothing you can play’s gonna get you past that wall.