Down in the Goldmine

I’ve been working down in the goldmine
I’ve been moving dirt,
putting in some overtime there…
the kind of overtime that hurts.

You called me from the danger.
But you kept out of sight.
You were the perfect stranger…
stranger in the dead of the night.

And all the rocks came rolling down,
and not a single seam of gold was found…
and the trees were all taken, and all the branches burned.
My body was aching,
and I was waiting for my turn…… to come around.

When you’re working down in the goldmine
it’s hard to keep your fingers clean.
You gotta hope the roof don’t fall down,
and you’re always on your knees.

You called me from the darkness,
you called me by my name…
but I couldn’t go no faster,
and faster was the name of the game.

Your beauty made it hard to make a choice,
but I had to do my duty in these tunnels, dark and moist.
Down in the goldmine there’s neither night nor day.
Ah, wait for me, my darling, I’m gonna find a way to come around.

Still working down in the goldmine…
the days go drifting by.
I’m losing track of time now…
I don’t remember why

Why I came down this deep,
what I was aiming for.
I was a vivid dreamer…
I don’t dream any more