The Spirit of the River

Have you heard the sound now the dam is filled up?
Have you heard the soft moan that the water nursed?
I know you wanted power when the wheels stood still,
But you never knew the hour that the dam would burst.
There’s a man on the dam, hammer in his hand,
He’ll repair all the wear if he gets there first.
But he’s warned by the din on the worrying wind
In the hungry hills where the valleys thirst.

«Break down the Dam!» sings the spirit of the river,
«I wanna live a life, wanna do a dance, dancing carelessly
From the hills down to the sea…
Endlessly free!»

There’s a knife in the wind where the sand is whirling,
And cracks in the wall of the dam grow wide.
There’s a movement deep in the earth unfurling;
Been growing down there since the river died.
Earth need a water, water need to flow,
River brings life to the roots below.
The valley wanna live but the dam say No!
Something gotta give now, something gotta go.

Show me a valley where the river runs wild,
Where the fish fly down to the sighing sea, yeah
Just like that valley I got a river inside…
Gonna follow my life where it’s leading me.
And where there’s a dam controlling the flow,
I’ll pick down the bricks till the torrent’s free
And into the valley, yeah the valley below,
I’ll ride my river down to the sea.